Saddlebrook Horse School - COURSE CATALOG

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Course Descriptions

Orientation Courses
Pet & Groom HS005:  
One-hour orientation class that allows horse fans to get comfortable and gain confidence around horses; petting, grooming, and riding.

Horsin' Around HS105: Adult Orientation class, suitable for students with no horse experience. Get up close and personal with these amazing animals as you learn about their nature and the human-horse partnership. Classroom and hands-on instruction in handling, grooming, and riding the horse.

Horse Studies Courses
Meet the Horse HS101: Introduction to the wonderful world of horses. Classroom and hands-on instruction. This course is suitable for students with no horse experience. 1-1.5 hr session.

Herd of Two HS201: Building the relationship between you and the horse, based on trust and respect. In this herd of two, you must be the herd leader!  Prerequisite: HS101

Horse for Me HS301: Students will practice horse ownership by providing care, feeding, grooming, and exercise for their assigned equine. Prerequisite: HS201

Horse Training HT101: Every interaction between human and horse is a training session for the horse. Is your horse learning to be a willing partner and to accept you as leader? Students will learn to use "natural horsemanship" techniques to make every horse session a positive training experience. 1-2 hr sessions.

Riding Skills Courses

Trail Riding RT 311: Instruction and coaching in the open trail environment to build confidence and enhance riding skills. Prerequisite: HS201

Western Riding RW411: Instruction and coaching in western pleasure/equitation events; student does all pre- and post-ride horse care to include grooming, tacking up, cooling down, and tack maintenance.  Prerequisite: HS301

English Riding RE 421: Instruction and coaching in English pleasure/equitation/jumping events; student does all pre-and post-ride horse care to include grooming, tacking-up, cooling down, and tack maintenance. Prerequisite: HS301

Distance Riding RD 431: Instruction and coaching in long-distance riding for the sport of endurance, competitive trail, cross-country, et al; student does all pre- and post-ride horse care to include grooming, tacking up, cooling down, and tack maintenance. Prerequisite: HS301

Horse Care Courses

Natural Hoof Care, HC305:  Gain an understanding of the horse’s hooves inside and out; basic hoof anatomy and how to promote functional, healthy bare hooves.

Equine Massage Therapy, HC310: Learn techniques and benefits of equine massage.

Merit Badge Courses – Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts

Horsemanship for Scouts, BS121: This intensive course includes all requirements to earn BSA Horsemanship Merit Badge. Eight hours

Horsemanship for Cub Scouts BS 110: Workshop to complete requirements to earn Belt Loop and Sports Pin for Horseback Riding. Four Hours

Merit Badge Courses - Girl Scouts

Love, Hug, and Groom (Fun Patch), GS100: A horse learning experience that includes stable manners (safety), petting, treats, grooming, barn tour, and more! One hour.

Just Horsin’ Around (GSSJC Try-It), GS105: Earn this Try-It patch as you learn about horse safety, parts of the horse; grooming, stabling, and more! Two hours.

LHG/Try-It Combined Workshop, GS110: Earn both the fun patch and Try-It in one three-hour course.

Horse Fan, GS131:  This course teaches the requirements to earn the Horse Fan patch. Two hours.

Horse Rider, GS231: This course teaches the requirements to earn the Horse Rider patch. Three hours.

Horse Fan/Horse Rider Combined Workshop, GS240: Earn both these badges on one course. Four hours.

Horse Sense (Interest Project Patch), GS301: Individualized instruction and training to work on the skills and technology requirements of the Horse Sense Interest Project. Weekly sessions until project is completed.